With globalization and the ever growing commercial proximity between countries all over the world export products and services has become extremely important for the survival of businesses; therefore, we face a wider market to commercialize our products.

HTORK maintains business relations with many countries, in particular the African continent where we export from machineries and industrial equipments for bakeries to the latest hospital equipment. We also trade in South and Central America dealing with industrial equipment and machinery mainly.

Stages of Export process:

- Seek prospect buyer in the global market;

- Enable the export transaction according to the international laws and the ones applied for the country to be shipped;

- Provide guidance for price range, payment form, delivery, packaging, and so on;

- Issue and send the Pro Forma invoice for the importer to analyze and confirm the deal;

- Follow thru with all procedures from the goods shipment to the arrival at the client’s doorstep;

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